On January 10th, the high school hosted its third annual SpeakUp! event. SpeakUp!, a student-centered program for schools in the Philadelphia area, provides an open forum for students and parents within the community to come together as equals and voice their thoughts and opinions, broaching relevant but sometimes uncomfortable topics such as mental health, drugs and alcohol, and gender and sexual identity. Members of the club are trained to act as studSpeakUp_Logo_400x400.JPGent leaders who facilitate and mediate discussion, maintaining an honest, judgment-free environment and within small groups of 10-15 individuals. This resource can be invaluable for high school students, particularly those who feel unable to open up to their parents or engage in honest, one-on-one communication. Particularly in the transitional teenage years, the widening gap between parent and child can lead some young people struggling with serious adolescent issues to feel lost, confused, or unsupported. By providing a space where teenagers can speak openly about sensitive issues, SpeakUp! seeks to bridge that gap and develop honest, healthy relationships with parents. The program encourages anyone with a middle school-aged family member to support the club and bring their family to the GVMS event on February 28th.


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