January Horoscopes


Ares: You are mad about something. But chill. Life goes on and better things are to come.


Taurus: A feast is soon to come.


Gemini: you are conflicted over two issues. Pick wisely or there will be irreparable consequences.


Cancer: You are a soothing aura and a kind spirit. Reward yourself you deserve it.


Leo: This year you are gonna be a rockstar in your hardest endeavors.


Virgo: Something in your life is off beat. Get back on rhythm.


Libra: Your life is balanced but is it weighing you down?

Scorpio: Being correct is not always better than knowing.


Sagittarius: you are the laughter of life, your presence makes people smile so don’t doubt yourself. Continue on your way.


Capricorn: ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! This new year will be full of promising encounters, but do not feel afraid to shed old skin.


Aquarius: Stress is the silent killer. Relive yourself.

Pisces: You are a mermaid in the beach of life. Swim freely little fish.  Blub.

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