Preschool Lab Program Gains Popularity Among GVHS Students

By: Rose DiPaolo

The popular Preschool Lab Program at Garnet Valley High School provides students an authentic childcare experience that has caught the eye of Child Development and Family and Consumer Science students. While many find it difficult to get accepted into the program, Little Jags member Tierney Bisch says the experience is definitely worth it.

“The best part about it is probably just getting to interact with the younger kids and getting to play with them.” said Tierney.

The program has proven to be a very popular choice amongst students at GVHS, which makes it a tough program to get accepted into.

“Most people just say they want it for an elective,” said Tierney Bisch, “and usually upperclassmen get the spot. But for me, my schedule was messed up so when I went to the guidance office, the counselor mentioned there was an open spot, so I took it!”

Many students learn valuable life lessons and caregiving skills while caring for the Little Jags, such as how to have an impact on or influence over the younger children as well as further developing patience and a sense of responsibility. Additionally, the Little Jags Program is a viable option for those who desire a career within the Child-Care or Teaching Fields.

Some students don’t do it for their future, however. “Most older girls, and some guys, like being with kids and want to go into teaching,” said Tierney Bisch, “Some just think its fun!”

Little Jags is an incredible experience where students not only have the opportunity to connect to younger children but also learn and grow in terms of maturity, benevolence, and the ability to provide and care for others. It is a course that will immensely benefit any high school student, so if students are interested in the favored program, they should try and integrate this class into their upcoming 2019-2020 school schedules when possible.

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