Joshua Xavier’s 10 Favorite Things

 Interests are what make up a person’s personality; without them, a person would be a blank slate. Experiences are another factor in creating a person’s personality; without them, people would be unable to find things they are interested in. Examples of interests could be sports, music, cooking, etc. I have a lot of interests, such as music, video games, woodworking and more. These interests help me find things that I enjoy doing. There are many things I enjoy, but for the purpose of this assignment, I am going to talk about my 10 favorite things. 

  1. Spotify

Spotify premium is a subscription service that lets you listen to music anywhere. Before I got Spotify Premium, I used hacked Spotify, Soundcloud, and downloaded mp3s’ off YouTube. About a year ago, a couple of people and I got a family Spotify account and it was game changing. Downloading the songs so I can listen anywhere and not having to constantly get around apple’s patches and the ads is great. I don’t know how I would listen to music any other way now.

  1. Driving

I like driving. It can be anywhere, but most of the time I will enjoy it. I like driving cause I feel like I can really do anything while I’m driving. The only downside is that I’m a “reckless” driver according to my friends, but I think they’re just joking.

  1. Chief Keef

Chief Keef is a rap artist who blew up in 2012 and changed the rap game. My friend Gordan put me on Chief Keef and I never stopped listening. Not sure what it is, but I always end up listening to his music. He has been my most listened to artist for the past two years (that is according to Spotify wrapped–it is probably more than two years).

  1. Friends

I have a pretty tight knit group of six friends, including myself. We bully each other a lot, but if we didn’t, then we would not be as close as we are. We always got each others’ backs, especially when we get stuck in tight spots. One time I remember was when a lot of stores sold out of toilet paper. My friend hit me up since his household needed some. I came through and gave him a pack; later, he bought me lunch since I left my wallet at the houseIt is nice to have friends that you can rely on.

  1. Video Games

I like playing video games to relax and take my mind off my responsibilities. I am not that good, but I still enjoy playing. I either play with my friends or on my own. It doesn’t bother me to play most games on my own. In fact, I’d go as far as to say I do better on my own since I get less distracted.

  1. Little Saigon

Little Saigon is a Vietnamese restaurant in Upper Darby. It was a restaurant my family went to often when we first came to America since the food was good. We still go there and now we know the owner since he recognized us over the years. My parents still tell him about how they remember his daughter playing the piano there when she was only 10 and he never forgets tells us that his daughter is a dentist and that I should study medicine too.

  1. Woodworking

I took a woodshop class freshman year thinking it would be an easy A…I was wrong. I had Mr. Sherrer and he made sure to let us know it was not an easy class. I had more homework from woodshop than English that year. Thankfully, I found out that Mr. Sherrer was actually a good teacher and I became interested in woodworking because of him. After woodshop class, I started collecting my own woodworking tools and now make my own projects.

  1. Extended Family

I live with my mom, dad, and little brother Jeremy, but that is not my whole family. I also have my aunt, uncle, and two cousins in Canada, and the rest are all in India. I like my family because they are all really nice (to me at least), especially since I rarely see them. We visit once every two years (normally), so during the time that we are there, I can do just about anything I want. I also like my family in Canada since they are nice, though I don’t have as much special treatment since we see them more often.

  1. Psycho

Psycho is a movie by Alfred Hitchcock that was based on the book Psycho by Robert Bloch. I love this movie because there is so much to analyze and the wayit is written and taken is perfect. Not to mention Anthony Perkins, the star of the film, perfectly captured the character of Norman Bates,

  1. Music

I have liked music since I was young. I like listening to music and making it. I use to play the piano, but now I play guitar, though I only started last year, so I still have stuff to learn.

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