Cross Country

When asked why I do cross country, my typical answer is, “because I don’t have to run as fast.” While it is true that you don’t have to run as fast as you may have to for track meets, cross country can still be very grueling.You often find yourself running on uneven terrain, through the the woods, and up huge hills. I would be lying if I said everyone feels good at the end. In fact, a lot of people are in pain, trying to catch their breath or getting rid of the pain in their legs. It’s not how you feel directly after the race or workout; however, after a few hours effects are noticeable. Your legs still may be stiff or you may feel exhausted from the race. However, in essence, It is the feeling of accomplishment that you completed a difficult workou
Among the other sports at Garnet Valley, cross country is not the first one that pops into everybody’s head. The boys and girls cross country team go to practice every day after school just like any other team, and sometimes there are meets during the weekends, sometimes that are two hours away. Last Friday, both the boys and girls cross country teams competed in the Paul Short Invitational at Lehigh College.Over forty teams came to compete; despite the cold conditions and constant rain, the race was not canceled. The girls team came in 17th out of 49 teams and the boys team came in 20th out of 46 teams.The season is coming to an end and both teams are now working to finish their last few meets by practicing for the district meet on October 30th.

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