All Things Graduation!

By Presley Burkley

After four years of prepping for this moment, the GVHS seniors are finally graduating! On June 8th, the class of 2022 will fill the University of Delaware’s Bob Carpenter Center to celebrate the big day. Seniors can invite as many friends and family members as they would like to watch them walk across the stage. Seniors, please make sure all of those guests have been accurately accounted for on the ticket form so that they can help celebrate the day with you! Also, take note that there is a mask mandate at the university, so be prepared with a mask upon arrival. Seniors will be expected to arrive at graduation at 2:45, doors will open at 3:15 for guests, and the ceremony will promptly start at 4:00 pm. Rachel Jason and Kayleigh McCray will be speaking at graduation this year.

Rachel Jason, graduation speaker
Kayleigh McCray, graduation speaker

Finally, the walk-through tradition will continue for another year. Seniors, get ready to parade the middle and elementary schools as the other classes have done before you! This event will take place on June 6th. 

Class of 2022, soak in these last few weeks; your high school years are almost complete. Good luck graduates, and make many memories on your big day! 

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