December 11, 2023

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Spirit Week

by GVHSJagJournal
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By: Taylor Healey

Spirit week started off with a showdown between soccer Moms and barbecue Dads. Plenty of pillow-stuffed dad bods strutted around the school, with their best dad jokes on hand. The soccer Moms showed up with their leggings and of course cheering on the kids with their soccer jerseys. In some cases teachers (Mr.Kivlen) got to dress like their true selves. 

Too-tired Tuesday was embraced by the masses and for some it was their everyday outfit. Bathrobes and fuzzy slippers filled the hallways making it look like a school-wide slumber party. If there was any day to fall asleep in class, Tuesday was the day. 

Wonderful Wednesday had out classes looking like a bunch of disney adults took a wrong turn and ended up at a comic-con convention.

“Hi Barbie” was heard around the halls from barbie to barbie. While Oppenheimer fans went for a more muted and one might even say an old business man aesthetic. 

The grand finale of the week was kept with the traditional class shirts and senior jeans. 

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