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What’s It Like Halfway Through the School Year in the Virtual/Hybrid Learning Model?

By Kate Romanelli As you may know, this school year has not been like any other. Usually, we are able to go to school on a bus with a lot of people and do in-class work together. This year has been very different though. Since the pandemic began, most of us have been learning remotely.

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Are Midterms a Thing of the Past?

By Madison Carr Due to hybrid learning, many schools have decided to not require midterms. In its place, some teachers have chosen alternative tests, quizzes, projects, or chose to assign nothing. While discussing their decision, one teacher explained, “Online learning is hard enough as it is, we don’t need to add more work for the

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GVHS Senior Voices Thoughts on Hybrid Model

By Humaam Said* On October 19th, Garnet Valley starts its hybrid model. While many oppose going back into schools, it’s important to realize that schools play an important role in fostering the growth of students. In person schooling benefits students through more attentive educational instruction and social development. It’s no surprise that our education has

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