What’s It Like Halfway Through the School Year in the Virtual/Hybrid Learning Model?

By Kate Romanelli

As you may know, this school year has not been like any other. Usually, we are able to go to school on a bus with a lot of people and do in-class work together. This year has been very different though. Since the pandemic began, most of us have been learning remotely.

We started school in September as normal but online. Many of us wanted to go back to school in-person and thought we might be able to, but that was not the case. Towards the middle of October, we started to go hybrid, Which meant that students with last names A-K would go back on Mondays and Wednesdays, students with the last names L-Z would go Tuesdays and Thursdays, and everyone was virtual on Friday’s. 

We’ve made it halfway through the year now and it seems many of us have gotten used to it. Some of us enjoy learning from home, but some of us wish we were in a normal classroom. Hopefully, next year will be different and we will be able to go to school in person everyday and not have to wear a mask. 

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