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Garnet Valley eSports Team Wins PIEA Overwatch State Championship

GVHS eSports played against Susquehanna in the semifinals winning 3-0. The team then proceeded to the finals facing familiar rival, Mannheim Township High School(MTHS).  They defeated MTHS 3-0 and won the PIEA Overwatch State Championship.  The players on the team are Ben Nguyen, Robbie Gamble, Luke Sullivan, Kevin Glenn,  Ryan Hassell, Anirudh Jandhayala and Brandon Gorski, and

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From Students to State Champions: The Story of the GVHS Overwatch Team

By Benjamin Nguyen Made by company Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch takes inspiration from MOBA games like League of Legends and FPS games like Quake to create a unique “hero shooter.” As part of a team of six, players can choose up to 31 different heroes which each have their unique abilities and strengths. Set in a

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Ready Player One: The Start of a New Esports Year

By Benjamin Nguyen During these trying times (especially last spring and summer) where going outside for sports became difficult, videogames were a way for me to compete with others in a team environment from the comfort of my own home; when the school year finally began, I was immediately excited at the prospect of our

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