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Ranking The Seasons of American Horror Story

By Lila Troum Since 2011, American Horror Story has been releasing seasons yearly, each season a different theme, revolving around new characters and their “horrific” plots, with season 10 set to have already started filming! Since 2021 has begun, I’ve managed to watch 8 out of 9 AHS seasons, (I did not watch 1984) and

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“WandaVision” (Spoiler) Review

By Sam Bennett Intro I’ll preface this by saying that I was very excited for WandaVision and thought that it had great potential based on the trailers released. Marvel, in my opinion, has always been at its best when it is unafraid to go weird. Whether it be a group of misfits in space with

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Why Riverdale is the Best Worst TV Show

By Lila Troum When you hear the word Riverdale you probably cringe instantly. This hot mess of a TV show is best known for constantly baffling its audience, and having some of the worst lines I’ve ever heard from a TV show. Unfortunately and ironically, I have seen all five seasons (except half of season

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