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An Interview with Julia Gambacorta, Garnet Valley Class of 2022 Treasurer

Conducted by Brooke Lovelace In what ways do you believe that you benefitted from having school transitioned online? In what way are you at a disadvantage?  I benefit because I can get more done in the day because we end school at 12:40. The disadvantages are it is hard to learn in an online format

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Should School Start at a Later Time?

By Madison Carr There has been speculation about Garnet Valley High School changing the start time. Many people have debated whether starting school an hour later would be beneficial for students. There are some pros and cons to both options. The strange 2020-21 school year has brought the topic to the forefront. Some students may

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Garnet Valley School District to Go Forth With Hybrid Learning

By Ekjot Khurana After holding lots of meetings and making tough decisions, Garnet Valley School District has finally announced reopening its physical buildings! Starting in late September  a select number of special education students will be brought in. Throughout the end of September and beginning of October the grades will start coming in on a

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