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Happy Birthday, Quarantine!

By Lila Troum This week is big for the country, as we “celebrate” quarantine’s first birthday! March 13, 2020 was our first day of quarantine, and as we approach/move past that date this year, it’s important to take into consideration just how much we’ve normalized everything and how much we, as people, as students, as

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Brian Perlsweig Offers Insight on Being a Teacher and Coach during the Pandemic

Conducted by Ben Slomich Brian Perlsweig is a teacher and football coach here at Garnet Valley High School. In this article, you will get to hear some of his opinions about online learning, sports, and living life during the pandemic. Q: What is your overall feeling about online learning?A: “You’re trying to make the most

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An Interview with Julia Gambacorta, Garnet Valley Class of 2022 Treasurer

Conducted by Brooke Lovelace In what ways do you believe that you benefitted from having school transitioned online? In what way are you at a disadvantage?  I benefit because I can get more done in the day because we end school at 12:40. The disadvantages are it is hard to learn in an online format

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