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The Diamond in the Rough

By Frank Long  The 2021 NFL Draft is only two and a half weeks away, making this the perfect time to take a look at the most exciting quarterback prospects of this year’s draft. As the NFL is developing into a pass-first league with high powered passing offenses such as the Buffalo Bills and the

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Everything You Need to Know About Newsies at Garnet Valley High School

Here you will find information pertaining to the GVPAA spring musical, Newsies!

The Thoughts of Two Essential Workers Living in a Pandemic

By Rachel Jason Essential workers played influential and major roles in America and around the world this past year. The term “essential worker” includes medical workers, teachers, transportation workers, grocery store workers, and many others. They have risked their physical, social, and mental health to keep our society stable.  Keith Layman and Miriam Jason are

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GVPAA Update

By Rose DiPaolo The Drama Club is having a very busy March! With opening night just a little over three weeks away (tickets are available now at gvpaa.org), we’re gearing up for dress rehearsals for our spring show, Newsies. Both the cast and crew is working very hard to make this production safe, organized, and spectacular!

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A Conversation with Sanjana Chadive, Editor-in-Chief of the Jaguar Journal

Conducted by Kevin Genthert For a time regarded as devastating, hurtful, and destructive for most activities and organizations, Sanjana Chadive has played a massive part in giving the Jaguar Journal one of its most successful years so far – in the middle of a pandemic. With no in-person meetings or ability to see each other

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Garnet Valley High School to Hold Quill & Scroll Honor Society Induction

If you are a senior, junior, or sophomore with a 3.0 or above and at least one full year in yearbook, literary magazine, or newspaper: Congratulations, you have been chosen to join the Quill and Scroll National Journalism Honor Society. Quill and Scroll was organized April 10, 1926, by a group of high school advisers

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A Look at Spotify Wrapped 2020

By Justin Kang One thing Spotify users hold over Apple Music users is “Wrapped”, a personalized experience that provides insights on your music over the year. Typically released sometime in early December, Spotify Wrapped has become an annual event for members of the internet to compare each other’s tastes in music, and throw themselves back

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