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“WandaVision” (Spoiler) Review

By Sam Bennett Intro I’ll preface this by saying that I was very excited for WandaVision and thought that it had great potential based on the trailers released. Marvel, in my opinion, has always been at its best when it is unafraid to go weird. Whether it be a group of misfits in space with

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How to Watch the Marvel Movies in Preparation for Phase Four (By Chronology and Release Date)

By Robert Gamble As the release of the highly anticipated Black Widow film lies just around the corner (May 7th, 2021), the dawn of a new Marvel Cinematic era is fast approaching with Phase Four. Since the very first time Tony Stark uttered those famous words, “I am Iron Man,” back in 2008, the world

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“Soul” Movie Review

By Kevin Genthert Soul is a movie about someone who has lived what he thinks is a disappointing life, and just as things are going his way, he dies and is forced to relive his failures. He goes on a journey with the underlying themes of trying to find out the purpose of life. I

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