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Garnet Valley Pulls Big Upset Against Conestoga to Win First Ever Central League Title

By: Alec Eskin After Conestoga came to Garnet Valley earlier in the year and won, most had the feeling that this was not over and that these two teams would meet again. In the end, that feeling was correct. Garnet Valley had a little extra motivation coming in after losing last year’s Central League semifinal

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Carl Schaller Prefers Four Digits

By Frank Long Standout Garnet Valley High School Basketball player Carl Schaller masks up and hits 1,000 points.  Carl Schaller has been a prolific Garnet Valley basketball player for four years now. As a freshman, he quickly took the program by storm, producing amazing performances at such an amateur point in his high school career. 

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Ben Simmons: Offensive Retrospective

By Sam Bennett In 2016, the Philadelphia 76ers selected Ben Simmons from LSU to be their point guard of the future. Based on how he looked in year one, this looked like a slam dunk for the franchise. He was a dominant slasher, amazing playmaker, and force on the defensive end who was able to

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