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Grading Each Pick From the First Round of the NFL Draft

By Ryan Croke On Thursday night, the NFL held its annual draft, in which college players are brought up into the NFL. An incredibly hyped up event, millions of fans tuned in to see who their team would pick to be the future of their franchise. There was much speculation behind who would go where,

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The Diamond in the Rough

By Frank Long  The 2021 NFL Draft is only two and a half weeks away, making this the perfect time to take a look at the most exciting quarterback prospects of this year’s draft. As the NFL is developing into a pass-first league with high powered passing offenses such as the Buffalo Bills and the

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The Death of Baseball

By Sam Bennett It’s no secret to any sports fan in America, especially baseball fans, that America’s national pastime is slowly dying. Over the past decade, average attendance at games has decreased by over 4,000 people. Viewership of the world series has been on a steady, incremental decline over the same period. The average age

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