Movie Review: Vanilla Sky

By Andrew Deng “The sweet is never as sweet without the sour” Out of 99 problems, the human brain is one of those things without 1 clear answer, and no film uses that theme better than Cameron Crowe’s Vanilla Sky. The film tackles messages of reality, happiness, and […]

Model UN Wins Big

This past Saturday, Model UN accomplished an impressive feat with a few of its delegates winning significant awards and recognition through Temple University’s OwlMUN V. During this intense competition, thirty-two members of Garnet Valley’s Model UN competed against four hundred other students from three different states, and multiple Garnet […]

Harlem Wizards Pump Up Video

As the Harlem Wizards game is occurring quickly and soon, attached students, faculty, and the community will find a video created by the Broadcast TV Production class at Garnet Valley High School. Big thanks to the participants in the video and teacher Brian Dravuschak for producing a very detailed and […]

Homecoming Court 2018

Homecoming is coming up- and fast. This year’s homecoming court includes a wide variety of seniors from an abundance of clubs and sports teams. There are 20 young men and women vying for the coveted titles of Homecoming Queen or King. Congratulations to the following people for representing […]