AP Testing Schedule

Monday, May 4th 8 am: Chemistry & Environmental Science 12 pm: Psychology Tuesday, May 5th 8 am: Calculus AB & Calculus BC 12 pm: Chinese Language and Culture Wednesday, May 6th 8 am: English Literature (12th grade) 12 pm: Japanese Language and Culture Thursday, May 7th 8 am: […]

NCAA March Madness

It is March, which means that March Madness in college basketball is in full swing for the NCAA. The NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball Tournament is a single elimination tournament in the United States. March Madness is one of the most famous sporting events in the United States […]

New Movie Releases

With action movies and comedies, to family and sci-fi, there is a whole lot of movies to look forward to in the summer and fall of 2015. It all starts in May in which there are two main sequels completely different from each other that included Avengers: Age […]

Confessions of a Stage Manager

When most people think theatre, they imagine the eccentric actors who spend their friday nights analyzing the metaphors behind Waiting for Godot, a play where two characters sit on a bench for three hours. They may think of the musical numbers filled with jazz hands and sassy expressions, […]