Gymnastics Article

By: Lizzy Blessley Life needs balance. Life needs strength. Life needs flexibility. What better way to get these things than through gymnastics? Gymnastics teaches life skills like discipline, integrity, time management, and persistence to kids from a young age and people of all ages who try the sport. […]

Forgotten Cats Article

By: Maya Bendezu Cats are wonderful, soft animals that have had a special place in my heart since childhood. I have made countless trips to visit the cats at the Forgotten Cats Adoption Center at the Brandywine PetSmart. About a year ago, I finally convinced my mother to […]

Interior Design Article

By: Sage Klingensmith You may not see it the way I do. Most people would see the space as old, chipping shutters, but others, including myself, may see it as old shutters, a small seating area attached, and some hooks making an entryway statement. I have many hobbies […]