Unite For Her!

By: Katie Donaghy On February 19th, two boys shaved their heads bald for the organization Unite For Her. Unite For Her is an organization that goes beyond most cancer organizations as it focuses on therapies and wellness not only physically, but mentally. For the spring musical, Annie, the […]

How to Pay for College in GV

By: Karina Zakarian As a senior, it has been both exciting and arduous going through the college process, from filling out numerous applications to visiting campuses, auditioning for scholarships, and trying to determine the college or university that most closely reflects personal values and feels like a “second […]

GV’s Got Talent/Save The Music

By Olivia Collins Garnet Valley has always had a highly respected music and arts program. Such as the Band, The Performing Arts,  Orchestra and the Chorus; which are run by Mr. Selfridge, Mrs. Arters, Mr. Richards and Mrs. Thomas. These programs all contain dedicated members that spend countless […]

GV Music Gala

By Annie Tunstall This year, Garnet Valley School District will be hosting its first ever “Music Gala” on Sunday, March 24th at 3:00 pm. While Garnet Valley has hosted musical showcases before such as concerts, music festivals, etc., however, this is the first time in Garnet Valley that […]