Raising Smiles Project

In my project, this is all about the prevention of bullying as it is seen all around. Around us, the world, and most importantly the Internet are places where bullying occurs. The Internet is one of the most common bullying tools that many teens use, which is called […]

Maddie & Tae; Start Here

Maddie & Tae is the new country girl group from Texas and Oklahoma. They both play the guitar and use their talents in all of their songs. Their recent album, Start Here, was released everywhere on August 28. Forming in early 2014, they dropped their first single “Girl […]

First Homecoming

First homecoming.It was the first true high school landmark, and it was one of the biggest events each school year. The first one, in my opinion, is the most exciting. My experience at homecoming was different than any other dance or party I have been to. Nearly everyone […]