Bye Bye Birdie

Garnet Valley Drama Club presented “Bye Bye Birdie” on November 17th, 18th, and 19th. The musical was a huge success, as always. The family-friendly storyline was a fun time for everyone. Valentina Garibaldi, Rylee Hall, Evan Vandenbrul, Ben Mascioli, Mike Jones, Ben Daisy, Meghan Arters and Maddy Burford […]

Recent GV Accomplishments​

GVMUN has been busy over the last two weekends.  On Saturday 11/5/16, 30 students attended Temple University’s OwlMUN 3.  The following students placed: Rory O’Connor – Best Delegate for the Collapse of Europe Committee Nimesha Meegalla – Outstanding Delegate for the Lunar Colonization Committee Lucy Townend and Pranjal […]


On November first, National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo for short began. In the month of November, writers pledge to write 50,000 words. The exact number of words per day is 1,666.6 repeated for 30 days, consecutive. In 2015, 12% of the participants won from the 351,489 that started. In […]

World News 10/31-11/6

In Spain, the Spanish police have caught a French fugitive, Algerian hitman. On Halloween, Hamid Hakkar, 47, was caught wearing a devil’s costume. He is on France’s most wanted list for murder, money laundering, and drug trafficking. Escaping for the first time in 1998, he was found and […]

World News (10/24-10/30)

World News. (10/24-10/30) Within the last week in America, we have heard more about the presidential debates than ever, as Election Day draws closer. People are choosing sides if they have not done so already and are getting ready to defend them. Some people on the other hand […]