A Safe Space for Garnet Valley

A Safe Space for Garnet Valley It’s quite fortunate that in today’s society that people are, by in large, accepting of other’s differences. Despite certain remaining prejudices, Garnet Valley School District has become a safe haven for social acceptance. The Gender and Sexuality Awareness club (GSA) has started […]

Obama’s Farewell Address

President Barack Obama gave his farewell address on Tuesday, January 10th. This has been a tradition that has been a part of the nation’s history since George Washington gave the first farewell address in 1796. Obama gave a heartwarming speech, in which he thanked his wife, Michelle, and states […]

Jenn Damiano Workshop

Last Saturday, Jennifer Damiano visited Garnet Valley High School and worked with drama club students. Every participant in the workshop prepared a 32 bar cut of a Broadway song. Then, the songs were performed for Jennifer and she gave some advanced critique. After each participant received critique, they performed […]


On January 10th, the high school hosted its third annual SpeakUp! event. SpeakUp!, a student-centered program for schools in the Philadelphia area, provides an open forum for students and parents within the community to come together as equals and voice their thoughts and opinions, broaching relevant but sometimes […]

January Horoscopes

Ares: You are mad about something. But chill. Life goes on and better things are to come.   Taurus: A feast is soon to come.   Gemini: you are conflicted over two issues. Pick wisely or there will be irreparable consequences.   Cancer: You are a soothing aura […]

American Math Competition

The first administration of the American Math Competitions (AMCs) will take place on February 7th. These challenging 25-question multiple choice tests serve as the first qualifying round for the USA Math Olympiad team, which goes on to compete against other nations at the International Math Olympiad competition. Even […]