GV Wrestling Update

By: Alec Eskin Over the course of the GV wrestling season, it has been really exciting for the wrestlers, coaches and fans. Over this past week, three wrestlers from Garnet Valley qualified for States. Sophomore Colton Deery was in the 285 pound weight class, finished 8th in the […]


By: Shasi Vadlamudi STEM club has been making huge developments in their project and you really need to know about it. It affects all Garnet Valley students who use a car and plan on having one of their own in the future. Here’s a quick rundown on what […]

Which Electives Should I Take?

by: Kaitlyn Purvis Throughout everyone’s high school career, their schedule’s should consist of a mix of fun and useful classes. Some of the best electives that I have taken throughout my high school years are very easy and helpful in understanding certain things. Baking as well as Taste […]

Biology Olympiad Results

It is exciting to announce that after taking the Biology Olympiad exam, a couple of Garnet Valley high school students made it into the semi-finals. The students listed below scored in the top 10% of all students taking this test in the United States, so please make sure […]

Chemistry Olympiad

Tomorrow is an exciting day, as multiple students from Garnet Valley High School are taking the national Chemistry Olympiad during the first period block. Each student will be given at maximum 110 minutes in order to complete the exam, but some may need to stay into second period […]