EVITA Performance

Garnet Valley High School Performing Arts Association The Garnet Valley High School Performing Arts Association will present EVITA today, March 9th and Saturday, March 10th, at GVHS.  The show involves over 200 students through grades K-12, and audiences will be dazzled by their acting, musical, and technical talents.  Come out and support the arts […]

Science Olympiad Success

Garnet Valley Middle School Community, Congratulations to the Science Olympiad team who received second place at the Regional Competition and won medals in 13 events.  They only missed first place by 2 points. All members scored top 10 in their 23 events. They will participate in the state […]

Dance For A Cure

Amazing dancing, incredible community, outstanding charity… Garnet Valley High School’s Interact Club is excited to share one of its most organized, fun events… Dance For A Cure! This spectacular program is comprised of a performance put on by various dance studios and teams all executing different dance styles […]

GVHS Spring Sports

Register for Garnet Valley High School Sports now! Go to the Garnet Valley High School website and select the registration form link underneath the “Registration Process for FamilyID” section. Create a FamilyID account(specific directions can be found on the Athletics Department webpage) and click on the link received […]

AP Exam Preparation

For all of the students out there bogged down with writing DBQ’s, solving extremely difficult calculus problems, and getting minimum hours of sleep due to lab reports, that dreadful month of May seems so close yet so far. AP courses are meant to be and taught at a […]

The Good Ol’ Days

By: Sanjana Chadive If I could enter a time machine and travel back to any point in history, I would go to  1950s America. During the fabulous fifties, families would gather around the dining table and savor a nice, home-cooked meal. They would spend time together playing board games […]