Great Job Tennis Team!

The Garnet Valley girls tennis team, coached by Karen Randel, had a great season this year, with their League record being 7-4! The season started on Monday, August 14th and the last team match was on Thursday, September 28th. The team had 26 players, with 11 players on […]

Must Watch TV Shows

Did you just finish your favorite tv show? Are you looking to find a new one ASAP? Well, look no further because I have made a list of various tv shows that can become your new favorite.   Stranger Things Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy What’s it about? […]

Senior Year

Senior year is already speeding by. Everyone says how once one takes his or her senior portrait, time flies, and they are right. We are about halfway through the first semester, and time just seems to fly by. It feels like just yesterday it was summer, but, as […]

Being a Football Manager

By Elizabeth Field As a manager for the GVHS football team, I go to football practice everyday after school with the exception of Mondays. The other managers and I are not just the “water-boys/girls”; we do so much more than that. The managerial football team is what we […]

The Grove

A first job is always nerve-racking. You never know who’s going to like you and who isn’t, or what the rules and regulations are. Plus, you have no idea what to expect regarding the actual work. This is why you want to pick a job that has a […]

Coming Out of My Shell

By Ava LaRue As a high school freshman, I had admired the school’s musical productions. Always too self-conscious to audition, I watched from the audience in awe. Everything about it was captivating: the lights, live music, dancing, the sets and the raw energy and risk of doing it […]