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A Great Waffle Recipe

By Kate Romanelli Waffles are delicious breakfast foods we all love to eat. They are also fun to make as well. In fact, there is a great and simple recipe from to make them. First off, the ingredients you need for the recipe are 2 eggs, 2 cups of flour, 1 ¾ cups of

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Thanksgiving Food Tier List

By Elizabeth Nguyen Hi, loves! It’s Lizzy, back again in time for Thanksgiving, and today’s discussion will be about my Thanksgiving food preferences. Here’s a tier list of classic Thanksgiving foods and my personal justification for each tier’s contents. Disclaimer: As a Vietnamese teenager, the majority of food at the Thanksgivings I attend isn’t what

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Boo Meringues? No way!

By Elizabeth Nguyen INTRODUCTION: Hi! In my time baking, I’ve come across a wide variety of baked goods. Although some recipes are harder than others, this French meringue recipe strikes me as one of my favorite things to make. I adore these because, unlike a decadently rich chocolate cake, their crisp texture and subtle sweetness

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