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Should Cats Wear Collars?

By: Ellayna Narkin Collars are adorable accessories with many different designs and colors. Most commonly found on dogs, collars are both functional and stylish. We know dogs typically wear collars for identification purposes and leashing, but what about cats? Cats are most commonly indoor only, with some exceptions for outdoor cats. Indoor cats don’t have

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Trick-or-Treating in a Pandemic

By Benjamin Slomich Every October 31st, we all go out with our friends dressed in costumes and go from door to door saying trick or treat, hoping to come across one of the houses that give out extra-large candy bars. But remember, it’s 2020—a very unpredictable year.  We all know that when you go out

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GVHS Senior Voices Thoughts on Hybrid Model

By Humaam Said* On October 19th, Garnet Valley starts its hybrid model. While many oppose going back into schools, it’s important to realize that schools play an important role in fostering the growth of students. In person schooling benefits students through more attentive educational instruction and social development. It’s no surprise that our education has

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