Category: Movie Reviews

Review: “Green Book”

By Ryan Walukonis With Oscar season now behind us, it seems fitting to take a look at what the Academy chose as the years best movie, Green Book. It had been crushing it throughout the award season, picking up 49 awards on 86 nominations prior to Hollywood’s biggest […]

Cold Pursuit Review

By: Ben Bennett Cold Pursuit once again reminded me that you cannot justify a film by its title, no matter how mundane that title may be. Directed by Hans Petter Moland, a Norwegian director, Cold Pursuit is based on Moland’s original Norwegian movie, In Order of Disappearance, released […]


By: Rose DiPaolo Since the internet was was invented on January 1st, 1983, users have found ways to belittle others online. Adults, both online and off, have attempted to raise awareness against bullying online, typically referred to as ‘cyberbullying’. But is cyberbullying still as big of a problem […]

Big Things Happening in 2019

By: Shasidhar Vadlamudi 2018 just wrapped up, and it has been a roller coaster for everyone. From the midterms, Winter Olympics, and the Youtube Drama, this previous year was definitely a thriller. But with 2018 in the past, there are many things on the horizon for Garnet Valley […]

Widows Review

Widows stars Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki, Cynthia Erivo, and is directed by Steve McQueen, director of the award winning 12 Years a Slave. Widows is also written by Gillian Flynn, an experienced writer known for her thrillers such as Gone Girl and Sharp Objects. Widows is […]

Review- “West Side Story” (1961)

By: Sanjana Chadive Musical theater has tremendously influenced American culture; in most cases, people go to Broadway to watch these shows. Two of the most well-known composers in the history of musical theater are Andrew Lloyd Webber and Leonard Bernstein. Webber is the mind behind Evita, The Phantom […]

Wonder Movie Review

Wonder is a beautiful, heartfelt movie about a young boy, Auggie, with a facial deformity. The movie is an adaptation of the award-winning book. When Auggie starts his first day of middle school, he starts to realize that school might not be as wonderful as it seems. Filled […]