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Wegmans opened on Sunday, November 8, 2015 and it was absolutely packed. I went on the opening day and even though it was crowded, everything ran smoothly. When I walked in, I first noticed a huge section devoted to Asian cuisine. There was a Chinese “bar” with take-out food and a section for Japanese food,

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The Importance of Halloween

Every year people of all ages get together on the illustrious day known as Halloween, whether to join in the neighborhood chase to acquire the most candy or to live it up at parties with friends. As we gather with each other for a common goal, we must also remember the importance of Halloween, and

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The Fall of Columbus Day

Despite 23 states having a day off work or school on a Monday, there is outrage with Columbus Day. Many individuals do not like the idea of honoring Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer who landed in the Americas (and didn’t know it) and essentially began a period of colonialism that negatively affected the lives of

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