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AP Exam Preparation

For all of the students out there bogged down with writing DBQ’s, solving extremely difficult calculus problems, and getting minimum hours of sleep due to lab reports, that dreadful month of May seems so close yet so far. AP courses are meant to be and taught at a […]

The Ideal Life Sport

By Angie Marren What am I interested in? It is very hard to pick just one thing; I could choose soccer, lacrosse, travel, or photography. However, one thing sticks out in my mind when I think about my interests… golf. The game of golf is something I am very […]

The Flu in GVSD

Below is a message from our Superintendent Marc Bertrando regarding health in our school district! Good Morning! Our school community is beginning to experience the effects of what experts are calling the worst flu season in several years. Although not at an alarming level, our absences are increasing […]

My Life and It’s Goals

By: Noah Wham My life is like a revolving door. People come and go as they please, as do my interests. Most of my friends have befriended me because they like how weird and unique I am. I love trying different things and exploring abandoned places. Something different about […]

Gymnastics Article

By: Lizzy Blessley Life needs balance. Life needs strength. Life needs flexibility. What better way to get these things than through gymnastics? Gymnastics teaches life skills like discipline, integrity, time management, and persistence to kids from a young age and people of all ages who try the sport. […]

Why Feminism?

By Jodi Lamborn Look up “What is feminism?” on Google. You’ll probably come across the dictionary definition of the word “feminism” accompanied by the correct pronunciation, a classification, a list of synonyms along with a sentence incorporating the word. Then, you click the “Show More” button and you’ll […]

How to Reduce Stress

By Sage Klingensmith   Stress: it’s dreadful. No one likes having i; it is constantly is bugging you. While working through basically anything, stress pops up and starts to slow you down. School creates a large amount of the stress that weighs down on the shoulders of students; […]