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Get Up and Brace the Day

By: Julia Lennon It’s tough. Getting up as a teenager early in the morning and being sent off to school immediately for hours and hours is something that students in and outside of Garnet Valley High School struggle with. For students who have trouble waking up in the […]

18 Pieces of Advice

Are you a freshman and do not have any idea of what to do in this newfound, overwhelming high school experience? The seniors are here to help you! Here is a playlist of some pieces of advice from real Garnet Valley seniors to help 9th graders have a […]

Best Advice for High School

High school is a huge transition. Students are coming in from the middle school which is so much different from the rigorous high school environment. It can be extremely challenging for 9th graders to adjust to the new coursework load, various clubs, and atmosphere at GVHS. Consequently, here […]

AP Exam Preparation

For all of the students out there bogged down with writing DBQ’s, solving extremely difficult calculus problems, and getting minimum hours of sleep due to lab reports, that dreadful month of May seems so close yet so far. AP courses are meant to be and taught at a […]

The Ideal Life Sport

By Angie Marren What am I interested in? It is very hard to pick just one thing; I could choose soccer, lacrosse, travel, or photography. However, one thing sticks out in my mind when I think about my interests… golf. The game of golf is something I am very […]