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AP Exam Registration Reminder

Although Garnet Valley is experiencing a wintry, cold January, it is important for students to not forget to sign up for Advanced Placement Exams. Despite the fact that these tests are not until May, it is imperative that students fill out the necessary forms and complete the requirements […]

Winter Break… Not Here Just Yet!

As a majority of students know, during splendid times of the year such as these wintry, festive December weeks, plans with friends, family gatherings, and simply resting comfortably seem much more important than completing homework and other assignments. This way of thinking is very understandable, as the last […]

Thanksgiving: Fact Vs. Fiction

Many Americans widely regard Thanksgiving as the best holiday for food, family, and football. But do students really know what they’re celebrating? When asked several questions about Thanksgiving, eleven Garnet Valley High School students shared their answers, ranging from partially correct to completely false. When asked why we celebrate Thanksgiving, […]

Get Up and Brace the Day

By: Julia Lennon It’s tough. Getting up as a teenager early in the morning and being sent off to school immediately for hours and hours is something that students in and outside of Garnet Valley High School struggle with. For students who have trouble waking up in the […]