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Q & A with Sofia Orapallo on the Transition from Middle School to High School Amidst a Global Pandemic

By: Anna Sareyka The Freshmen Class of 2025 have undergone a bigger change than normal. After being forced to spend the rest of their middle school years virtually beginning abruptly in March of their 7th-grade year, because of the Covid-19 pandemic; they are now in high school. So much has changed for them between 7th

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Should Cats Wear Collars?

By: Ellayna Narkin Collars are adorable accessories with many different designs and colors. Most commonly found on dogs, collars are both functional and stylish. We know dogs typically wear collars for identification purposes and leashing, but what about cats? Cats are most commonly indoor only, with some exceptions for outdoor cats. Indoor cats don’t have

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Anxiety and Returning to School During a Pandemic

By: Noelia Rane Everyone has been affected by COVID-19 in the past year and a half. As restrictions lessen and life seems to return back to the old normal, the return to school is inevitable. However, many students struggle with anxiety coming back to school, especially when COVID has seemed to become more powerful, mutating

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Five Things I Would Tell My 13-Year-Old Self

By Lila Troum From January 2018 to March 2018, I kept a journal. Everything that occurred in my life during that period was written down; I expressed what worried me, what excited me, everything. Recently, I found that journal again, and I sat down and read it. I’m 16 now, and things have really changed

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Let’s Get Spiritual: Crystals!

By Brooke Lovelace In today’s world, sometimes you need a little extra mojo in order to make it through the day. Spirits have been running low and bad days seem to be piling up in 2021, but is there a potential solution? Let’s talk about crystals! Getting right into the basics, crystals are symbolic tokens

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The Lessons We’ve Learned in High School

By Sanjana Chadive & Kevin Genthert High school. We laugh, we cry, and we learn. As the second semester of our senior year rapidly approaches, the two of us can’t help but reflect on some of the most important lessons we’ve learned over the last four years. Although the list is seemingly endless, here are

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Organizing Yourself in 2021

By Lila Troum Along with the new year come the difficulties and lessons learned from the past year and the rushing thoughts of, “how can I positively change this year?” When it comes to the new year and new change, resolutions are easily conjured up, but they are not usually stuck with. Even though the

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I Believe in a Legacy

In his first podcast, Jonathon Timmons highlights the importance of leaving a legacy by illustrating a memory of his late father: