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Take A Break!

By Nathan Chen We’ve all done it.  It’s 7:03 p.m. and you start some assigned reading. You think optimistically, “I’ll finish this reading by 8 p.m! An hour is surely enough.” Maybe you even get ahead of yourself and think about a 10 p.m. bedtime. But, the next time you check the time is when

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The College Application Process…

By Kaitlyn Purvis The college application process. One of the most exhausting things that I have ever experienced and am still experiencing. Today, I will discuss how stressful, yet relieving, this process is on a person. I have dreamed of college since 9th grade, when I visited Pennslyvania State University to watch one of the

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How to Pay for College in GV

By: Karina Zakarian As a senior, it has been both exciting and arduous going through the college process, from filling out numerous applications to visiting campuses, auditioning for scholarships, and trying to determine the college or university that most closely reflects personal values and feels like a “second home”. One of the most challenging aspects

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