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College Acceptances

Acceptance rates have been getting lower and lower for competitive colleges and universities in recent years, and this year was no exception. Students that may have easily gotten into top schools a few years ago are being rejected now. The University of Pennsylvania, for example, which had an […]

Adele at the Grammy’s

British pop star Adele swept the Grammy awards, claiming five awards for her album “25”. She won the awards for best song, best album, and best record over many other talented artists. One notable example is Beyonce, who Adele actually thanked on stage for her album, “Lemonade.” Also, […]

Obama’s Farewell Address

President Barack Obama gave his farewell address on Tuesday, January 10th. This has been a tradition that has been a part of the nation’s history since George Washington gave the first farewell address in 1796. Obama gave a heartwarming speech, in which he thanked his wife, Michelle, and states […]

Bye Bye Birdie

Garnet Valley Drama Club presented “Bye Bye Birdie” on November 17th, 18th, and 19th. The musical was a huge success, as always. The family-friendly storyline was a fun time for everyone. Valentina Garibaldi, Rylee Hall, Evan Vandenbrul, Ben Mascioli, Mike Jones, Ben Daisy, Meghan Arters and Maddy Burford […]

2016 Debates

The tone of this election has been overwhelmingly negative. The mudslinging continues to shock audiences as they watch the debates and speeches. Many viewers find Trump’s words crude and offensive. Following the release of audio where Trump brags about sexually assaulting women, many Republic politicians even pulled their […]