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The Fall of Columbus Day

Despite 23 states having a day off work or school on a Monday, there is outrage with Columbus Day. Many individuals do not like the idea of honoring Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer who landed in the Americas (and didn’t know it) and essentially began a period of colonialism that negatively affected the lives of

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Liquid Water Found on Mars

“Liquid water has been found on Mars”: the defining statement of Nasa’s press conference. On September 28, 2015, Nasa revealed to the world that they have found examples of liquid water on the surface of the red planet. Nasa has noticed that during the warmer seasons in the planet, dark streaks would arise on steep

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AP Testing Schedule

Monday, May 4th 8 am: Chemistry & Environmental Science 12 pm: Psychology Tuesday, May 5th 8 am: Calculus AB & Calculus BC 12 pm: Chinese Language and Culture Wednesday, May 6th 8 am: English Literature (12th grade) 12 pm: Japanese Language and Culture Thursday, May 7th 8 am: Computer Science A & Spanish Language  Friday,

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