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Science Olympiad State Results

This past Saturday, the Science Olympiad team had an intense competition at Juanita College. The team overall was very successful and attained a variety of accomplishments, taking the 8th spot out of 36 total teams. For the competition, the leaders of the GV Science Olympiad team this year […]

NHD Award Winners

This past week, a handful of students were recognized with awards and achievement at the National History Day competition which took place at Chester County Historical Center. These student achievements are as follows: Elizabeth Chen received 2nd place for her insightful Individual Paper for “Famines and Agricultural Advances […]

Gold Key Award

It is a pleasure to highlight that Sophia Smith, senior at Garnet Valley, received the prestigious Scholastic Art and Writing Gold Key award this past March. Sophia had the opportunity to attend an awards ceremony in Philadelphia on March 30th to recognize a short story she had previously […]

Hi-Q National Championship!

It is exciting to announce that on Friday, April 5th, quite a few members from Garnet Valley High School’s Hi-Q team will be competing in the national championship through attending a video conference at DCIU. To all teachers and faculty, please excuse these students from class that day; […]

Spring Fashion

Spring is here! And the big question on everyone’s mind is … what to wear? After consulting numerous Pinterest boards, Instagram hashtags, and PopSugar articles, we’ve compiled a convenient list for all your spring fashion needs! Bucket Hats! Sure they aren’t the prettiest things to look at but […]

Indoor Track Participates in States

By Sage Klingensmith Garnet Valley Indoor track had many people who qualified for states this year! The state-wide track meet was on February 24th, falling on a weekend. This track meet took place at the indoor track facility at Penn State University. After interviewing Grace Zamrowski, a sophomore […]

23 New Members Inducted into NAHS at GVHS

By Sebastian Morales Kiana Bozorgnia,Angela Marren,Lillian Espina,Claire Burford,Caitlyn Hagerty ,Alexander connor, Madison Pfaff,Kayleigh Saboja ,Lauren Bagley, Leah Holobovich, Eric Kitchen , Julie McLaughlin, Erin Jefferis, Jared Quinney, Ellie Selfridge, Natalie Suda, Andrew Scanlon, Fiona Lam,julianna Bloodwell, Grace Villone, Sebastian Morales-Reyes , Julianna Keller. The National Art Honor Society […]