December 11, 2023

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Feminine Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

by GVHSJagJournal
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By: Anika Bhat

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Now this has got me thinking. I do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but I have so many friends that do and I think this article will help them out! Although I personally don’t celebrate it, we still usually do get-togethers with family friends so I’m able to use the advice I will give you guys today as well. It is tried and tested!

Now let me ask you a very quintessential question; Comfy clothes, or stylish clothes. Thanksgiving is a very auspicious holiday and for something like this, most people expect you to have a level of style.  However, to dissent from that Most people argue that they will be eating lots and lots of food, so they must stay comfy at all costs.

I have come up with the perfect Thanksgiving outfit for everyone. Now we must stay on theme, so there should be at least one orange element involved in your entire outfit. For girls, I would say that a large knit sweater that’s oversized and will cover the stomach is essential. Now if you don’t want this, you could also wear a baggy orange crew neck, but try your best to stay away from sweatshirts. We have now established a list of possible shirt options. Let’s move on to our pants selection. Now that jeans are mainstream, they’re classic and they go with almost anything and they can be dressed down or up. Try and go

for wide-leg jeans as you’ll have more space to move around and these tend to be more comfortable. Now although this may not be trendy, a lot of people might find that skirts are also very freeing. Another really good option would be a knit dress or a sweater dress. These will be flowy and moving but at the same time, you look very put together.

Through this article, I have suggested many different possible options and I hope you consider these. Please remember that these are just a guideline of my personal opinions, and you do not have to follow it at all unless you want to. It is all just a suggestion. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and have the most wonderful holiday ever! 

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