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Survey: The BEST Halloween Candy

by GVHSJagJournal
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By: Marissa Miczek

Survey results are in! When asking the respondents if they even liked Halloween candy… I got a definite answer… YES!

Respondents’ favorite candy:

1st – Hershey2nd – Milky WayTIED1st – Kit Kat1st – Twix1st – Sour Patch Kids

Here are some candy justifications chosen from the responses given!

Best Halloween Justification:

“Hersheys melt in your mouth and make you sweet with their sweet taste. Hersheys are already put into squares if you want to share with friends after tasting the sweet chocolatey goodness.”

  • Anonymous

Although I can’t say I am a fan of Hershey, this response definitely captures the sweet taste of Hershey and justifies that it is perfect to share and enjoy!

Sticking To The Facts:

“Within one pack of Haribo gummy bears, there’s a large variety of flavors that can’t be found in a singular Jolly Rancher or Milky Way. They also provide a nice chew and have a better texture than any other gummy candies.”

  • Anonymous

Least Halloween Type of Candy:

“Lindor chocolate is easily the best type of candy out there, with it soft, creamy texture and an assortment of decadent flavors. It is unparalleled to the cheap treats of Halloween galore, and thus is something one should savor when one receives it during the trick or treating process.”

  • Anonymous

Valid Response:

“Candy ?”

  • Anonymous

Personal Note:

I have to say I am surprised that Kit Kat came out for the win with this survey! With M&M coming in at a close second, I’m curious to know what type the respondents prefer. Personally, I would go for the peanut M&M’s which don’t lack flavor nor size. I will put my foot down against Hershey because I strongly believe that there are other chocolates (like Lindor) that are superior. Overall these results clearly come to two conclusions. First, Halloween Candy can never be terrible. Second, chocolate candy is a popular pick for many!

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