December 11, 2023

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Live Like It’s Homecoming Week

by GVHSJagJournal
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By: Carli Fruchtl

With our exciting homecoming week kicking off, here is everything you need to know! Starting off this Monday with our BBQ Vs. Soccer Mom spirit theme. We can’t wait to see everyone with their best outfits inspired by these hilarious types of parents. Following that, we have Too Tired Tuesday, or better known as Pajama Day. Pull out those christmas pants and fuzzy socks because we are getting comfy at school on Tuesday. We then have Wish Upon a Wednesday where we celebrate everything Disney and Superheros. Just in time for Disney’s 100 year anniversary! On Thursday we have a current popular trend Barbie Vs. Oppenheimer. Grab your pink boas or brown hats and be ready to support whichever movie you like best. Finally, we finish the week with our class shirts. Make sure to buy them as your grade sells them this week and seniors, don’t forget to make your senior jeans!

Speaking of the classes, we are so excited to see what each grade has put together for this years homecoming parade. With the slogan “Live like it’s…” each grade has picked some very fun themes that we can’t wait to see be brought to life in this parade! The freshman are pulling out their best pink garb for their float “Live like it’s Barbieland!” Their class president, Teagan Moyer, is pulling out all the stops for this float. With their extreme grade support and participation we can’t wait to see what these freshman do. 

Next, the sophomores are stepping right into their element with “Live like it’s a Philly Thing.” Think “Fresh Prince”, Eagles, Rocky, and more! Sebastian Nguyen, their class president is sure to put together a fun experience for everyone! 

Third, the juniors are jumping onto the screen with their “Live like it’s the movies” theme. Featuring superheroes, Barbie, jedis, and more iconic characters, Dan Dada and the other junior officers will certainly bring a memorable show! Finally, the seniors are taking us back to the past with their vintage “Live like it’s the 80s theme!” We can’t wait to see all the fun colors, outfits, and music. Jackson Graff, the senior class president, is sure to bring the party! 

However, before our parade, beginning at 4:00, we have our pep rally during last period. We can’t wait to meet our homecoming court and cheer on our grade leaders! Kick off the homecoming game is follow our parade at 7:00. Remember to dress with all the white you own for this special white out! 

Our National Anthem at this game is  being sung by our school choir and played by our stellar marching band. On Saturday, we have our homecoming dance from 6:30 to 9:30. We can’t to see everyone there and cheer on our grades throughout this entire week! Make sure to stay safe and have fun!

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