Art Review

By: Kanushi Gupta

The lighthouse painting made by T.Tempesta has been one of my favorite works in this year’s art show. The smoothness of the sea, beautifully contradicts the chaos of the clouds. Just by one glance you know exactly where the light is coming from (top right)  and how they are able to project that in the composition of the lighthouse is quite impressive. Even though it looks white, upon closer inspection you can tell that there are multiple colors being used in just that one lighthouse. The rocks are also painted very well, with the light hitting the top of every rock. It is a really good artwork with good brush strokes and a successful color palette along with an amazing composition. 

This artwork by Renne Chauncey looks like a memory. The blur, the stillness, the lights, the lighting all worked out so well that it felt so pure. I find everything about this art so pretty and so perfect. The naturality and all in all beauty of the scene is very unique to the creator and I think that is the more important part because it was one of a kind, that’s why it stood out to me. I think it is perfect the way the artist was able to capture such a pure moment and display it in such a successful way.

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