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UCL Ro16 – A Look Ahead to Leg 2

by GVHSJagJournal
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Ekansh Agrawal


If you have been keeping up with the latest in the world of soccer (football), you’ll know that the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 has started up. In this article we’ll be taking a look ahead to each team’s chances of advancing to the quarter finals and who I think will end up making it through. (Note: The UCL uses a 2-legged system for its knockout stage where the two teams play each other twice, so far only the first leg has occurred unless you’re reading this sometime later in March)

PSG and Bayern:

Things did not start off great for the team that plays in Paris, as they ended up losing their home fixture. This game ended up being a rematch of the 2020 UCL Final and had the exact same score. While PSG is certainly not out of it yet, losing by only one goal, they’ll need a great display in Munich to get themselves a spot in the quarter finals. Prediction: Bayern advance over PSG

AC Milan and Tottenham: 

Another 1-0 victory, but in this one the home side ended up being triumphant. With the margin of victory in Leg 1 being quite small, there isn’t much that has been set in stone. While AC Milan will be heading into Leg 2 with a slight advantage, both teams have a good chance of advancing to the quarter finals. Prediction: Tottenham fire back against Milan

Club Brugge and Benfica:

Club Brugge ended up being defeated by the high flying Portuguese side, Benfica, in the first fixture between the two. Club Brugge were kept off the score sheet, while Benfica netted two goals. Club Brugge’s days in the Champions League may be numbered, as if they look to survive, they’ll need to march into Lisbon and get a sizable victory. Prediction: Benfica make it to the quarter finals unscathed

Dortmund and Chelsea:

Another game that ended up 1-0, Dortmund vs Chelsea. Dortmund are heading into the second leg with an advantage. Though the second leg will be at Stamford Bridge, but no one is scared of Graham Potter led Chelsea, who haven’t won a game in more than a month. Prediction: Dortmund batter Chelsea at home

Liverpool and Real Madrid:

It looked like Liverpool were going to finally get their revenge against Real Madrid, up 2-0. It looked like it would finally happen… Then it was all taken away. The final score: Liverpool 2 – 5 Real Madrid. Liverpool are screwed. Unless they come up with a miraculous comeback, it looks like Liverpool’s journey is over.

Prediction: Liverpool win the second leg, but Real Madrid advance on aggregate

Eintracht Frankfurt and Napoli: 

The reigning UEFA Europa League champions lost at home, against high flying Napoli. The Italian side’s chances of making it to the next stage are looking after a good 2-0 win away from home. Frankfurt will face a tall task in Naples if they look to save their UCL season. Prediction: Napoli make it through to the next stage

RB Leipzig and Manchester City:

The first leg of this matchup occurred in Germany, with a 1-1 draw, anyone’s game in the second leg. Could City be upset in the Round of 16? It is certainly a possibility that RB Lepzig pull of a shock in Manchester next time these two face off. Manchester City even with the piles of cash sitting around and so much money spent on signings, still can’t seem to win the UCL. Prediction: RB Lepzig shock City at home

Inter Milan and Porto:

Now finally, the last matchup on this list, the simple 1-0 win for Inter. With the score of this game being quite indecisive, this is anyone’s game. Heading into the second leg, both teams have a good chance of advancing. Prediction: Inter get it done in Portugal

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