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Scholastic Writing Award: If the Shoe Fits

by GVHSJagJournal
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By: Maddie Shoemaker

September 18th, 1972

J: “Ugh! Yuck! Who threw candy in my hair?” I screamed out. My friends surrounded me as they helped pull the chewed up red hot dollar from my curly hair. “It was Tommy! It was Tommy! He sooo likes you,” The name of my neighbor rang in my ears. I looked over my shoulder and there he was, giggling with his friends and looking me up and down. What a jerk.

T: “Boys”, I said, “do you think it worked? Do you think Joanie got the hint?” My friends shook their heads yes. My crush on Joanie began when I saw her playing basketball with her brothers. Man, she was good. Today at recess I came up with an idea to get her attention, throwing her favorite candy at her! Later I’ll pass her a note in class.

J: Hmmm, yes or no. Do I want to date Tommy? Maybe. Ok, yes. My first boyfriend, I wonder how long this will last. 

T: She said yes!

December 4th, 1982

J: Tonight I couldn’t hang out with my friends because I had to babysit my neighbors. Tommy surprised me and snuck in through their basement window after the kids fell asleep! We watched a movie and he left right before the parents got home, I hope they don’t find out!

May 26th, 1984

J: I sprayed one more ounce of hair spray onto my curls as Tommy rang the doorbell. He looked stupidly handsome in his tux and top hat. 

T: Joanie looked so beautiful tonight. When I picked her up for prom in my black tux and top hat she giggled so much it made me blush. She was wearing a white dress with a blue ribbon around her waist, I’ll keep the photos forever!

August 31st, 1984

J: Today we went our separate ways. Me to Drexel and Tommy to Susquehanna. It was harder than I thought, but I know we will keep in touch. 

T: I put our prom picture up in my dorm today. My teammates keep asking me who it is and I tell them “the girl I’m going to marry”. They laugh at me but they’ll see, one day. 

June 10th, 1988

J: I ran into Tommy at home today. It’s been a long four years without each other. Of course I saw him here and there but we both ended up dating other people throughout college. It was funny to see him, it felt like there was almost still a spark. Then the craziest thing happened, he asked me if I wanted to go to Europe with him! We’re both still in relationships, I told him he was crazy. 

T: Seeing Joanie today was amazing. I asked her to go on a trip with me. I knew it was a longshot but it was worth a try. I’ll be going with my girlfriend I guess. 

August 1st, 1990

T: One of my friends is getting married in a few weeks and I still need a date. I think I should ask Joanie! It would be great to finally rekindle that high school romance after all these years. I’ve just always had a feeling it would be her.

August 20th, 1990

J: The last time I heard from Tommy was his letter to me from Europe. He said he wished I was there with him and he couldn’t wait to see me when I got back. That fell through, I had to help my mom with cancer treatment and he became busy with work. Now, two years later, we’re going to a wedding together! Should be an interesting night.

T: As I picked her up tonight, I immediately got flashbacks from senior prom. She looked like the girl of my 


11:00 PM

J: Tommy and I had the night of our lives together. The saying “if it’s meant to be it will find its way” rings in my ears as I think about the boy I met in 2nd grade.

T: I hope Joanie feels the same, but when I told my teammates 6 years ago that I would marry this woman, I truly meant it. The way she makes me unbelievably happy is something I want for the rest of my life.

October 18th, 1990

J: I’ve been with my mom in Florida for the past few weeks going through her chemo treatment. I wish more than anything I could have Tommy here with me for extra support.

T: My flight left early this morning to arrive at Joanie and her Mom’s condo around 3:00 PM. Today is the big day! I can’t wait to see her reaction. 

3:15 PM

J: I came out of the bathroom to see my mom talking to Tommy, what a surprise! His face was all flushed and he had the biggest smile spread across it. 

T: That was a close one. After I rang the doorbell and got down on one knee, Mrs. McLoughlin answered the door! I jumped up as she gasped and threw a wig on top of  her freshly shaven chemo-head. Thank goodness she didn’t scream, Joanie came out of the bathroom a moment later. 

4:00 PM

J: The three of us walked down to a restaurant for dinner and then walked along the beach. My mom was acting oddly suspicious all night, but I didn’t think too much about it. 

T: Okay, we’re by the pool. I think it’s time! 


J: “YES! YES!” I shouted. I broke down in tears as the love of my life since the 4th grade asked me to marry him. It’s always been him. Mrs. Joan Shoemaker has a nice ring to it!

T: She’ll make me the happiest man alive. And to my teammates, told ya so!

How does the use of two different points of view help the  reader further understand the story?

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