December 11, 2023

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Course Selection

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By  Meredith Strickland

As highschoolers we all know the dreadful feeling of having to schedule our entire year in the span of a few days, and just pray it’s going to work out. It’s stressful. No matter who you’re talking to, everyone collectively agrees that it’s a genuinely scary experience. I would say that I can make you feel better about it but sadly that’s just not really something I can achieve. So this article is just here for advice and comfort and to lay out the basic information about course selection coming up.

Important reminders: 

Recommendations are in but ARE NOT FINAL! Talk to your teachers and counselors!

Course Selection opens fully 2/1 (or WEDNESDAY this week)

If you have everything planned you won’t have to worry.

Don’t have anxiety about submitting your courses, when you get them done and are happy with them SUBMIT

Say by next year you don’t want to take a class? There is about a week period where you can talk to your counselor and switch!

In the end the important thing is that really this isn’t make or break. You are not going to ruin your entire highschool career because you decided to take an academic instead of honors class. Or deciding to take a class you actually want to take instead of one your friends are taking. Mental health and personal enjoyment are things that should be highly considered when thinking about course selection. In these upcoming days just take a step back and think. That’s

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