November 29, 2023

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School Organization Tips

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By: Marissa Miczek

Here are some tips for organizing upcoming events, and assignments, and preparing for the next big test. Not all of the tips may be helpful, but try to pick some that work for you!

Schoology Calendar – 

By clicking on the drop-down menu by “All Calendars” you can find a list of your classes. From there you can assign a class a specific color, create your own events, and view events assigned by the teacher.

Planners – 

Having a daily planner or weekly planner is helpful when writing down personal or school events. Depending on your preference, you can buy one to write in, or you can create one on a google spreadsheet or other similar tools provided in many apps you can easily search up and find.

Post-it notes & To-Do lists –

Not everyone may like creating a list, but it can be rewarding to see it get shortened with each task you complete! Try buying organizational tools similar to notepads to make preparing and organizing easier.

These are simple tools you can use for organization, most you might use daily, or some that only passed your mind. If you want to find more on organization, there are numerous articles that you can find online!

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