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GVMS The Little Mermaid Jr.

by GVHSJagJournal
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By Carli Fruchtl

Show Dates and Times- January 26th and 27th, 7:00, January 28th, 2:00 and 7:00

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For the past four years, the GVMS Drama Club has grown and developed in extraordinary ways. Their show this year, The Little Mermaid, is a great presentation of the new heights this program has reached. Mr. Lonergan and Ms. Catanzaro, the directors and current teachers at GVMS, have worked with a village of teachers, parents, and students to create this stunning show. With Mr. Moyers brilliant set design, Mrs. Martin’s genius with costumes, Mrs. Kotch’s great eye when it comes to makeup, and Mrs. Bouchard and Miss Hagan’s expertise in marketing, designing, and everything in between, this show is going to be one to remember. In addition, they have received help from incredible parents of the cast such as Mrs. Cusick, Mrs. Weaver, Mrs. Potochar, Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Acosta, Mrs. Ferro, and many more. 

Last Saturday, January 7th, the GVMS Drama Club hosted their “Morning Under the Sea” character event! Kids from all ages were encouraged to come over to the middle school for a morning of games, sing-alongs, storytimes, and much more! The event, created by some of the parents of the cast members, gave the students in the show a chance for a “trial run” of the

costumes, hair, and makeup that will be featured in the show as the cast members got in character for the kids to come and meet them. The event was a wonderful success with many kids having so much fun getting princess makeovers, meeting the well-known characters, and making various Little Mermaid crafts. 

It’s not just the amazing volunteers and adults that make this show so wonderful, it is the truly incredible cast! Ariel is being played by Addisyn Cooper and Grace Jensen and their beautiful Prince Eric is played by Dylan Ferro. Our Ursulas, Teagan Moyer and Alice Trainer, are blowing us away with their portrayal of this iconic villain as Kennedy Moyer and Maeve Moran light up the stage with their sunny and bubbly energy as the adorable sidekick, Flounder. The sassiness and humor of Sebastian is brought to life by Lexi Weaver and Savannah Boeson with Kaidyn Potochar’s energetic and entertaining interpretation of Scuttle. The strong sidekicks of Ursula, Flotsam and Jetsom are embodied by Gabby Stuardi, Sophia Markos, and Mia Felice and Prince Eric’s dutiful butler, Grimsby, is played by Charlie Lai. Ariel’s comical sisters are played by Emma Weaver, Cara Acosta, Brooke Hamilton, Layla McCloskey, Caitlin Hogan, Scarlett Lee, and Callie Brewer. These students as well as the many more who are a part of this show, have brought new life to the stage and this program continues to exceed any expectations. 

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