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A Gilmore Girls Recommendation

by GVHSJagJournal
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By: Taylor Healey

Gilmore Girls is one of the best shows out there. For those who haven’t watched the show, Gilmore Girls ran from 2000 to 2007 and followed the relationship between Lorelai Gilmore, a young single mom, and her daughter Rory. Set in the fictional town of Stars Hollow, connect, the show is known for its witty humor, quirky characters, and heartwarming moments. 

Lorelie and Rory are both intelligent, independent, and determined women who are not afraid to speak their minds and follow their dreams. They are also deeply loyal and loving towards one another, and their mother-daughter relationship is one of the show’s main heartwarming and central aspects.

But what makes Gilmore Girls such a good show? One reason is the strongly developed characters: Lorelei and Rory, and the multifaceted characters with an authentic and dynamic relationships. Lorelei had Rory when she was only 16 and in high school. I also had a young single teen mom, and we grew up watching this show and comparing it to our lives. Just like Lorelei, who owns a bed and breakfast, my mom is also a business owner. And while I may not be as school oriented as Rory’s character, just like Rory, I’m an officer and journalist for our school’s newspaper. Watching a show that represented my family was such a fantastic gift to have. 

The show beautifully portrays the challenges and triumphs of Lorelei as a single mother and the close and loving relationship between Lorelei and Rory. I’m emphasizing this because it’s so rare to see single mothers realistically while not demonizing them or the act of parenthood. This show broke stereotypes by depicting Lorelei as a successful and competent woman who cared for her daughter while being financially independent and stable.

 Lorelei wasn’t minimized to her role as a mother; she still had a full and rich life outside her role as a mother, with her own goals, friendships, and romantic relationships. 

While the show highlights the two women’s relationships, it also shows the hardships they face together. Loreli ran away from home when Rory was young, causing a strained relationship between her and her parents. The show’s creator understood that while Lorilie ultimately has a successful life, she still faces problems and isn’t glamorized. The small town that Lorilie finds herself in ends up becoming a safe haven for her and her daughter. The town and all the characters are interconnected and supportive of one another. The town helps raise Rory and is a friendly reminder of the power of community and the importance of placing yourself in a good environment. 

In a world where single mothers are often stigmatized and marginalized, Gilmore Girls offered a much-needed breath of fresh air. 

The show also explores the intergenerational relationships between Lorelies mother, an overcontrolled high society woman, Lorellie, the free-spirited daughter, and Rory, the overachieving granddaughter.

 Lorilie and Emily have a complex relationship that is ultimately held together by their love for Rory. Rory serves as a bridge between the two women and the worlds dividing them. As Rory is only a teenager, we see her trying to balance the line between getting a good education and moving up in the world like her grandmother wants while still maintaining her relationship with her roots and connections to her small town. This can be a challenging, confusing experience for her as she tries to balance the expectations and influences of both women without being pulled too far in either direction. 

Despite these complexities, the three women have a deep respect and love for each other/ They may not always see eye to eye but support and care for each other through thick and thin. 

This show truly has something for everybody, as it organically explores so many different topics by following these everyday characters. 

I highly recommend giving it a chance if you haven’t watched it yet. 

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