December 10, 2023

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Winter Sickness – How To Stay Safe

by GVHSJagJournal
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By: Mere Strickland

Even as the world has started to heal from the pandemic, getting sick is going to persevere, especially during winter. This year it seems that everyone has sniffles, coughs, and the occasional scratch in their throats. RSV and the flu have left devastation in their wakes, and it seems that everyone is at risk. Knowing this, it’s important to stay safe! This article will provide you with some nice reminders during this holiday season.

Wash Your Hands

Realistically, you should be washing your hands all the time. However, during the sick season it’s especially important. Washing your hands limits the spread of germs and really, no one likes germs. It’s also true that washing your hands is much easier than being sick in the first place. 

Get Plenty of Rest

We all know, “I have work!” “I have school!” It’s really difficult to get a good amount of rest. However, rest, and overall sleep, is essential in keeping your body healthy. Having that time to let your body digest, dream, and do all the things you can’t do during the day is what keeps us running. So when you have that extra time, just relax and sleep a little.

Stay Home

It is hard to stay home sometimes. You don’t want to miss class and you don’t want to miss work. But, if you have serious symptoms, you should stay home. Give yourself a break so that when you do go back, you’re in peak performance. Staying home also lowers the risk of getting others sick. Limiting the spread of any serious viruses or illnesses.

Be Conscientious!

If you don’t feel the greatest, it’s up to you to take care of yourself. If you aren’t taking the right steps to not only keep yourself safe but others around you, you’re going to end up getting lots of people you care about sick as well. Simply taking the time to wash your hands, take some medicine, and give yourself much-needed rest goes a long way. In the end, you won’t regret it and will come out feeling better. 

This season everyone should be aware of the various illnesses going around. Hopefully, this article has helped you better understand how to limit the spread of disease and keep everyone safe. Happy Winter!

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