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Opinion: Spotify Wrapped Should Come Out Later

by GVHSJagJournal
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By: Addie Chauhan

The release of Spotify’s annual Spotify Wrapped on November 30, 2022, had individuals from across the globe sharing their top-played genres, artists, songs, and more. From 2016 onwards, Spotify released Wrapped to sum up users’ year in music— providing a personalized list of the top 100 songs each user played that past year, along with interesting tidbits such as listening mood and listening personality type.

Still, Spotify Wrapped coming out over a month before the end of the year has many users debating whether or not the feature should come out in later months, or even in January of the following year.

Spotify’s tracking period for Wrapped begins on January 1st and ends 10 months later on October 31, which poses the first problem with the current system: a year isn’t ten months. The final two months of the year do, in fact, exist, and people do, in fact, listen to music then. Ending tracking two months early doesn’t provide users with a completely accurate reflection of their year in music. It is possible to discover an artist, genre, or song in November or December and listen to it more often than what Spotify puts as your Top Song in Wrapped.

Additionally, releasing Spotify Wrapped later on increases the suspense leading up to the end of the year. December is a concluding time for all of us, coupled with the excitement for the New Year, with many setting resolutions. Having Spotify Wrapped come out at the end of December provides a good conclusion to the year without leaving anything out and still gives users time to prepare for what’s to come.

In my and many others’ opinions, Spotify should postpone the release of Wrapped. Hopefully, the international conversation persuades execs at the company to consider such action.

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