December 11, 2023

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AP Computer Science Principles Pilot

by GVHSJagJournal
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We are excited to offer the opportunity for a select number of students to pilot an AP Computer Science Principles course beginning this November. To sign up for the lottery to participate in this pilot, please complete the form linked HERE or at the end of this letter. 

The pilot is open to all currently enrolled High School students, and interested students will be selected through a lottery for participation. This course is a great opportunity for students to explore computer science while earning college level credit. In addition, AP Computer Science Principles serves as preparation for AP Computer Science A, a high school course that students can take in following years. Students will work through the course material, create a project that is submitted to the College Board, and take the AP test in May. There is a $100 fee associated with this course.

AP computer science principles will have a weighted GPA and go on the student’s GVHS transcript. The majority of the work will be asynchronous, but there are course required check-ins and face to face meetings several times throughout the year. Our tentatively scheduled meeting dates are listed below. Students are required to complete 12 hours of face to face time in January – April to help prepare them for the required AP “Create” project and the AP exam. Most meetings will be offered in person, with occasional Zooms as needed.

Instructors will offer weekly office hours and support each student as they progress through the curriculum. Teachers will post available times and students must reach out to the instructor via email if they wish to meet during these times. 

The course is run through Schoology and, with additional materials from the College Board. Garnet Valley’s grading expectations for students may be higher than the College Board expectations.  For example, it is possible to score a 5 on the exam and project and still not have completed all the requirements for an A from Garnet Valley. If you would like to learn more about the specifics of AP Computer Science Principles, please Click HERE and/or HERE for two videos about the course. 

If you are interested in signing up for the lottery to take the pilot AP Computer Science Principles starting November 1st fill out THIS form.  If you have any questions regarding the course please contact Ms. Abes  or Ms. Kunze

Relevant Dates (subject to change):

  • November 1- Zoom kickoff meeting 5-5:30. Mandatory first meeting on Zoom with enrolled students. If unable to attend, must watch the recording that will be emailed.
  • November 11- have unit 1 completed
  • November 18- have unit 2 completed
  • December 5- have unit 3 completed
  • December 10- in person meeting from 10am-12pm at GVMS library
  • December 15- have unit 4 completed
  • December 23- have unit 5 completed. Schedule a Zoom progress check in this week
  • January 13- have unit 6 completed
  • January 21- 4 hour meeting in person (10am-2pm) at GVMS library for Create project
  • January 27- have unit 7 completed
  • February 11- 4 hour meeting in person (10am-2pm) at GVMS library for Create project. Have unit 9 completed
  • March (day TBA)- 4 hour meeting in person (10am-2pm)  at GVMS library for Create project. Have unit 10 completed
  • April (specific day TBA)- practice test scheduled
  • April 20- packet and project due by today (recommended to submit both earlier)
  • Monday, May 8- AP exam at GVHS at 12pm
  • Monday, May 23rd- complete Student Survey/Reflection on Course

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