Did Harry Styles Spit on Chris Pine?

Taylor Healey

A viral video is starting circulating of what seems to be Harry Styles spitting on Chris Pine at the Venice film festival. The pair were at the festival to promote their new movie “Don’t worry darling” where they seemed to be getting along well. The internet went into a frenzy, trying to figure out if the beloved Harry Styles would actually assault his friend. 

Pine’s representatives responded to these allegations by saying that the story was a “complete fabrication” and that this false narrative was spread to “create drama that simply does not exist.” Styles also responded to these allegations by announcing at one of his recent concerts that “I just popped very quickly to Venice to spit on Chris Pine” he jokingly said. 

The “Don’t Worry Darling” cast seems to be plagued by drama, with alleged issues with Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh. The drama appeared to be caused by Wilde trying to get Shia Labeouf who is a known abuser to rejoin the cast after Pugh expressed her concerns about her safety around him. Wilde has claimed that these rumors were just sexist lies being spread, leaked messages and videos came out in support of Florence Pugh. Whether the rumors are true or not many given all the drama, fans are anxiously awaiting for the movie to come out on September 23rd.

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