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“Harry’s House” Album Coming Soon

by GVHSJagJournal
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By Taylor Healey

Singer, songwriter, and actor Harry Styles’ upcoming album is coming sooner than some fans thought. On March 23rd, Styles announced via instagram that his new album Harry’s House would be released on May 20th. He followed up with another instagram post on March 28th that As It Was, a new single, would be released on April 1st. Though Styles has been telling fans of his upcoming project, some of his eagle eyed fans had theories before anything was officially confirmed.

A webpage called was rumored to be connected with Harry Styles and his new album. The website featured a door that would open up halfway to a new photo every day. The webpage seemed to have an instagram account connected to it, which was connected through linktree. Harry Styles followed the instagram account a few days before he announced his upcoming album Harry’s House. “I honestly didn’t even think the webpage was connected to him until he followed the Instagram account.” said Noelia Rane, an avid Harry Styles fan. The webpage has a twitter account that Harry Styles also follows which is posting cryptic messages that some fans believe to be song lyrics on the new album. 

This year Styles performed two halloween concerts called HarryWeen. The concerts featured country star Orville Peck. Almost everyone in attendance was in costume, including young Styles. The first night of HarryWeen Styes wore a Dorthy costume with the rest of his band dressed up as characters fromThe Wizard of Oz. Once the album Harry’s House was announced many fans speculated that the costume was a nod to home and his album. “Take me home” was one saying that Styles said on tour quite a bit. In hindsight Styles’ new saying could have been alluding to his new album. 

Even though Styles has stated that this album was made during quarantine some fans are questioning whether Styles’ girlfriend of over a year will have influenced it. Styles and Oliva Wilde met on the set of Don’t Worry Darling, a movie that he starred in and she directed. It’s rumored that Oliva left her then finance of nine years and father of two children Jason Sudeikis for Styles who is almost ten years her junior. “Leave America, two kids follow her”  is a lyric in Styles’ new single which he said was one of the more recent songs to be written. The song lyric might be about Oliva visiting Styles in London with her two kids. During Styles’ most recent performance at Coachella he looked towards Olive and said “This ones for you baby” catching many fans by surprise with his very open display of love. 

In the past, Styles albums have had a 70s feel to them and that’s definitely been influenced by his personal style. Harry’s House  has seemed to have taken a different turn and might have an 80s theme. As It Was reminded a lot of people of fans of the song Take on Me by a-ha which was released in 1985 lining up with the 80s inspiration. His sparkly jumpsuits have proven that his personal style is also changing and evolving along with his music. 

Fans cannot wait for Harry’s House to be released with some even planning on staying up the night before to pregame with his old music. “I’m actually thinking about having a few friends over for a listening party” said Mia Weinlien another self proclaimed #1 fan. Overall this new album is looking like it’ll be another success for Harry Styles. 

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